An Unbelievable Tinnitus Cure And It Works, I Did It!

OMG, I truly cannot BELIEVE this.  I have had a 'ringing' in my ears for so long, I was just living with it.  Until today!

It seems so simple, you place your palms over your ears, and place your index fingers over your middle fingers, then make a 'snapping' or drumming noise on the back of your head.. 

I just did it and IT WORKED!!!  Now, the ringing came back, but I found more info on it and they say to do that several times a day until the ringing (or whatever constant noise you have) goes away.  

So if you see me out in public with my hands over my ears, now you'll know why haha!



Here's another simple way to get some relief, from one of the comments on reddit:  

This is one variation of a Taoist exercise called "Beating the Heavenly Drum". The other variation (the first one I ever heard of) is when you push the Tragus (ear flap) over your Cavum (ear hole) with your index fingers, then with your middle finger tap the fingernail of your index finger. You cover both ears at the same time, but alternate between tapping left/right/left/right, sort of like a Newton's Cradle.  

This worked for me too!



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