It's #NationalPuppyDay, Do You Know Where Yours Came From?


It's #NationalPuppyDay !  

A day to celebrate our canine companions, and to educate on where pet store and online puppy selling site puppies are born..

Over 20 years ago (seems like another lifetime!) I went to a pet store to buy food for my Ferret, and there, in a small cage, was a little fluff ball, who's big brown eyes beckoned to me.. the lady in the store asked if I wanted to hold him. I never put him back, emptied my bank account (I was very young and naive) and went home with my first dog, Spike, pictured above.

Ten years later, after my sweet little Pom got very very sick, I discovered the truth about where he came from, a place called a 'puppy mill' that had purchased AKC papers for all of their dogs.  I couldn't believe that his 'papers' meant nothing.. they were just a ploy to make me think I had bought a healthy, well cared for, puppy.

That's when my eyes were opened to the Hell that these dogs go through, and it's all for profit.  And my Spike had a genetic disease because of his 'breeding' that we could not cure, though we spent thousands trying.

More on the AKC and how they make money from sick dogs and puppies HERE   


Fast forward to today, my husband and me have the last of our 4 adopted Shiba Inus, (we lost Barbie & Caleb suddenly within 8 months of each other, then our little JoJo who was over 17 years old, just this month) her name is Rosie, and she was purchased from a pet store by her former owners.  Surprise surprise she was too much for them to handle, so they dumped her at a shelter, where we found and rescued her. 

She turns 5 this month, and has turned out to be a wonderful girl, after a LOT of work.  We worry about her future health issues, since she did not come from a reputable breeder, but we just love her every day and hope for the best..


If you're wondering what a puppy mill is, watch the next video to find out.


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Here's some insight on how those pet stores that sell puppies get their 'products'


Click HERE for info on how to find a responsible breeder


Or, find your next furry friend on 



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