Pete Makes Joke About Failed Relationship With Ariana

Ohhh, feel the burn as Pete Davidson attempts to make light of his relationship status in a SNL promo this week.

Ex-lovers Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reached the “anger” stage as they grieve their failed engagement. She shaded him on Twitter after he mocked their fling.

Pete cracked the joke in the new Saturday Night Live promo. He turned to musical guest Maggie Rogers and asked out of the blue, (quote) “You wanna get married?” She rejected his proposal and Pete lamented (quote) “O for three.”

Ariana tweeted in response, (quote) “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy, u sure love clinging to it. huh” She added a second tweet, (quote) “Tag yourself, Maggie.”

After the message went viral, Ariana deleted those tweets but screenshots have been retweeted for all to see her fit of anger.