Netflix to premiere re-boot of 'Unsolved Mysteries' on July 1

It's back -- the 1980s hit series, 'Unsolved Mysteries' which was a television show focused on cold cases, urban legends and paranormal phenomena will now available on Netflix as of July 1, 2020.

The original show ended on September 20, 2002 but was re-booted a few times until 2010 later bringing it only to YouTube in 2017. The series will be based on the original thrilling version by the creators of 'Unsolved Mysteries' and the producers of 'Stranger Things'.

Each new episode will focus on one mystery and look to viewers to help investigators close the case, kicking off the first episode called "Berkshires UFO". This episode is based on accounts of an unidentified flying object seen in Sheffield, Massachusetts in September 1969.

There will be 12 episode in the series to start and it is produced by Netflix.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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