CT reporter's emotional message covering Hartford George Floyd procession

On Wednesday, June 3 a sombering event took place in Hartford, Connecticut remembering the life of George Floyd; a mock funeral procession.

The procession was led by a hearse and an empty casket throughout the streets of the capitol city to pay homage to another black life senselessly cut short. Hundreds of people participated in the emotional event. Coverage of the event was seen across all television outlets in Connecticut, including one by News 8's Shaynah Ferreira. Her full story can be found on the News 8 website here.

During the 6:00 p.m. newscast, Shaynah offered a moving perspective of her coverage as a reporter and woman of color:

"It's hard - I'm fighting back tears now - to watch that. But it's beautiful because we're finally watching America call a spade a spade and call out the grave injustices that faced communities of color in this country for centuries. So, I don't like to get emotional, I don't like to show my feelings but it was beautiful because not only are we paying homage to George Floyd but to the countless people that have been reduced to a hashtag in this country and more that we don't know about and more that we would never know about. So it's beautiful. It was powerful. It gives me hope that it's not just what we see and what I see and what I face, but hopefully it calls action to make us better people, better journalists, better storytellers and to just be empathetic to the experiences of others."

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