Man Buys Two Identical Lottery Tickets By Mistake, Wins Two Jackpots

A man accidentally bought two identical lotto tickets and ended up winning two jackpots! He bought a ticket for the February 6th Fantasy 5 lotto game on and then a few days later, not remembering he’d already played his numbers, bought an identical ticket.

"Every week I purchase a multi-draw Fantasy 5 ticket with the same set of numbers I have been playing for four years," the man says. "I was going out of town, so I bought a multi-draw ticket to cover the drawings while I was gone. There was some overlap on the drawings of the new ticket I had purchased and the multi-draw ticket I had purchased a few days prior."

After the drawing, he checked his lottery account and realized that his mistake had doubled his fortunes. He’d hit the jackpot twice, winning over $120-thousand on each ticket. "I logged into my Lottery account after the drawing to check my tickets and I couldn't believe it.” the man recalls. “I couldn't help but laugh." He says that he plans to use the prize money to pay for his son’s education and is going to save the rest.

Source: UPI

Photo Credit: Getty

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