Pick-Up Hockey Players Save Teammate’s Life

An Ohio man’s life is saved by his fellow players in a lunchtime pick-up game of hockey. A couple of weeks ago, Brandon Miller was playing a mid-day hockey game at Thornton Park in Shaker Heights, Ohio, when he suffered a medical emergency. "I remember kind of having a fall and I thought my skates got out from under me doing a crossover," he says.

But Miller’s fall wasn’t just from his skates slipping out from under him. He had a heart attack. But he couldn't have been in better company, because playing with him that day were several medical professionals. The first to come to Miller’s aid was his teammate, paramedic Matt Urie, followed by Dr. Mike Fellenbaum, a third-year emergency room resident. Then they were joined by their goalie, emergency room doctor Dr. Venkatesh Kambhampati.

The three medical pros started CPR on Miller while another player went and got an automated external defibrillator (AED). "I remember doing CPR and getting the AED as well skated out to us, and thankfully everything was kind of set up well,” Kambhampati recalls. “We were able to get him a shock and then the medics came.” The rapid response from his teammates saved Miller’s life and this past weekend, he got to meet up with his rescuers and had this to say to them: "It still blows my mind how quickly you jumped into action."

Source: News 5 Cleveland

Photo Credit: Getty

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