Restaurant Feeds Anyone In Need On Thanksgiving

A Florida restaurant owner hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need in the community. For nearly four decades, the Farmer Girl Restaurant in Lake Worth Beach has been hosting a Thanksgiving feast for people who might not have a place to celebrate the holiday. In 2021, they served around one-thousand meals to those in need in the area.

Owner Petro Bikos, who took over the family restaurant from his uncle in 2020, sees the need to help less fortunate people in the community now more than ever. “Last year we had customers come from all over - as far south as Miami - who said if it wasn’t for us, they wouldn’t have had a place to go or food to eat,” Bikos says.

This year, Bikos and his staff are preparing turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie for the 12-hundred people they expect to serve on Thanksgiving. “We’re there at five in the morning on the day of just to finish what we didn’t get done in the two weeks leading up to the holiday,” he explains. “We don’t open the doors until 11, but by 9 o’clock there’s already a line wrapped around the building.” They’ll also be delivering meals to folks in the immediate area who can’t make it out to the restaurant for turkey day. Bikos says he’ll keep up the tradition for as long as he’s able. “The community takes care of us throughout the whole year,” he says. “So this is kind of our way of saying thank you for being there for us.”

Source: CBS 12

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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