Mechanic Becomes Doctor At 51, Inspires Others To Follow Their Dreams

A former Ohio auto mechanic becomes a medical doctor at 51-years-old. As a kid growing up in East Cleveland, Carl Allamby dreamed of one day becoming a doctor. But because of his family’s economic situation, education took a backseat to survival and he put his dreams on hold.

As a teenager, Allamby took a job at a local car parts store and started doing mechanic work on the side. Then at 19 he opened his own repair shop, Allamby’s Auto Service, which he successfully grew over the years. The business helped to provide a good life for him and his family and when he was in his 30s, it gave him the flexibility to return to school to get a college degree. During his intro biology class, Allamby was reminded of his childhood dream of being a doctor, so he started taking pre-med classes, eventually went on to medical school, graduating at the age of 47.

He started his residency in 2019 and now at 51 he has his first job as an attending physician at Cleveland Clinic's Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Allamby says that his experience as an auto mechanic has really helped him in his new career as a doctor. "Providing empathy, compassion and reassurance is often as important as providing appropriate medical care," he says. When asked what advice he has for others who have big dreams they don’t know how to reach, he says, "If you want it, go after it. Don’t give up," and adds, “Your sacrifices today will produce advantages for tomorrow."

Source: FOX News

Photo Credit: Getty

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