Man Shaves Head To Make Wig For Mom With Brain Tumor

Son grows out his hair to make a wig for his mother who lost her hair after treatment for a brain tumor. Back in 2003, Arizona mom Melanie Shaha started having headaches and doctors soon discovered they were symptoms of a tumor at the base of her brain. She had surgery to remove the tumor, but it returned and she needed surgery again a few years later. Then in 2017, the tumor returned again. This time doctors prescribed radiation to treat the tumor and as a result, she started losing her hair.

Melanie could handle the illness, but the hair loss was more than she could take. "Not having hair, you stick out like a sore thumb and well-meaning people can say things that break your heart," she says. "I don't mind being sick but I mind looking sick. I'd rather blend in and not stand out at the store." At a family lunch, Melanie’s 27-year-old son, Matt, joked about growing out his hair to make a wig for his mom. Even though it was a joke, the idea stuck with him.

By the next year, Matt had grown his hair out 12 inches, long enough for a wig to be made from it. He went to his mom’s house with some coworkers and they cut it all off. The gesture brough Melanie to tears. They sent the hair off to a company in California that created a hand-tied wig and delivered it a couple months later. Melanie loves the wig. "The color is spectacular and we had it cut and styled with a hairdresser," she says. "Matt said it looks great on me."

Source: Today

Photo Credit: Getty

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