After More Than Four Years In Shelter, Dog Finally Gets Adopted

After more than four years in a Nebraska shelter, one dog finally gets adopted. Baby Girl was brought to the Capital Humane Society (CHS) in Lincoln, Nebraska, in December of 2017. For more than four years, CHS was Baby Girl’s home, but that all changed on March 15th of this year when she was finally adopted.

In a recent post to their Facebook page, CHS shared Baby Girl’s big news. They waited a few weeks for the pup to get settled into her new home before announcing the adoption. The post includes pics of Baby Girl with her new owner.

The adopter also included a message about how Baby Girl has brought her so much joy and she can’t imagine not having the pup in her life now. She also had thanks and praise for the adoption center. “I can’t thank the staff at [CHS] enough for taking such good care of her and letting me have a chance at giving her a forever home,” she wrote. “I could not have asked for a better dog.”

Source: Inside Edition

Photo Credit: Getty

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