Hospital Nurses Help Homeless Man Reunite With His Long-Lost Brother

A homeless veteran is reunited with his long-lost brother after 30 years thanks to a nurse’s hunch. Brothers Walt and Will were very close growing up in Montana just a year-and-a-half apart in age. But when Will returned from serving in the Air Force, he started to show signs of mental illness and ended up living on the streets 31 years ago.

Walt searched for Will, filling many missing person reports, but was never able to find his brother. Recently, Will somehow made his way to Upstate New York and ended up in Samaritan Hospital in Troy under the care of nurse Renee Schepisi, who had a feeling that someone out there was looking for him.

She enlisted the help of her coworkers to track down Will’s brother. When she spoke to Walt on the phone and told him that his brother was in the hospital, Walt began to cry. He had been looking for his brother for over 30 years and until that phone call, he didn’t know if he was even still alive. Walt immediately traveled to New York to see his brother. After the emotional reunion, Will left the hospital with his brother to go live with him at his home in Colorado Springs.

Source: WNYT

Photo Credit: Getty

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