Waffle House Customers Raise Thousands For A Server Battling Cancer

Customers of a beloved Waffle House waitress in Georgia raise thousands to help her in her battle with cancer. For the past 37 years, Cynthia Morrison has been dedicated to serving her customers at the Waffle House in Roxana, Georgia. She has a reputation for caring deeply for those she serves, earning the respect and loyalty of her customers.

So when long-time customer Joey Godfrey noticed Morrison wasn’t in during her usual Saturday shift, he asked her why the next time he saw her. "She leaned in and said, 'I have cancer,'" he recalls. She told him she’d had a reaction to her chemo medication she’s taking to battle stage 1 bone cancer. Godrey left every penny he had on him as a tip for her that day, somewhere around $120. When he left the restaurant, he said he cried for the first time since his mother had died.

Godfrey figured that if he felt this way about Morrison, surely other customers would also want to chip in to help her. So he started a GoFundMe page for her and it’s raised over $9-thousand so far. Godfrey says it’s the least he could do. And Morrison appreciates that her customers want to help her, but more than the money, she appreciates all the love. "I got a lot of people praying for me," she says.

Source: Inside Edition

Photo Credit: Getty

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