Tween Surfs 700+ Days In A Row For Charity

An 11-year-old boy from New Jersey surfs over 700 days in a row for charity. We told you before about the tween who has a goal to surf 1,000 days in a row, well now Atlantic City fifth-grader Carter Doorley has gone surfing for over 722 days in a row and is using his hobby to help different charities.

As a way to fight the boredom during the pandemic lockdown, Carter started surfing every day. When he noticed that his feat was getting him some attention, he decided to use it to help out causes that were meaningful to him.

The tween has collected over 26-hundred canned goods for a local food pantry and raised $15-hundred for SurfAid to help families around the world. Carter has also raised more than $1-thousand for the Save the Children humanitarian organization. The latest charity in his sights: a local animal rescue. “They found a bunch of cats in a box that were very sick,” Carter explains. “I raised money for them to start helping the animals.”

Source: ABC 7 NY

Photo Credit: Getty

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