Teen Heroes Saved Teen Driver From Fiery Crash

A Georgia teen is saved from a car fire by three teenage good Samaritans. Dallas, Georgia, high school senior Elijah Jackson was on his way home from work around 1am on May 4th, when an animal ran into the road. The animal hit his car’s rear tire and he lost control on the wet road. The car skidded off the road, flipped over into a ditch, and burst into flames.

From his nearby home, 15-year-old Damien Steele heard the accident and ran to see what happened. When he discovered that someone in the car was in need of help, he ran home to get his older brother, 19-year-old Deuce Steele and Deuce’s girlfriend, Taylor Mayfield. The three teens were able to pull Elijah from the burning vehicle and drag him to safety moments before the car was totally engulfed in flames.

Elijah was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for some bruising and burns. When he woke, he realized just how lucky he was to be alive and remembered the stranger who saved him. Elijah’s mother, Alisha Jackson, did some internet sleuthing and discovered who the good Samaritans were. Elijah and the Steele brothers were able to meet up so he could thank his heroes. “We're probably going to be close now forever, I know,” Elijah says. “I told them if they ever need anything to just let me know cause they saved my life.”

Source: CBS 46

Photo Credit: Getty

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