Husband Saves $100K Winning Lottery Ticket From The Trash

An Australian woman wins $100-thousand from a scratch-off lottery ticket her husband stops her from throwing in the trash. An unidentified woman in Melbourne bought a $5 ‘Golden Edition’ Australian lottery scratch-off game and after playing it, thought she didn’t win and started to throw it away.

Her husband wanted to take a second look at the ticket, so he stopped her from tossing it out. After looking over the ticket, he realized it was a winner. The couple won the game’s top prize of $100-thousand (Australian Dollars, worth about $70-thousand US Dollars).

The woman plays a ticket each week, but says she’s never won such a large prize. “I’m glad I didn’t throw away this ticket,” she says. “I guess I’ll have to share the prize with my husband now.” The couple plans on using their winnings to upgrade their car and help out their kids. “We’ve had a bit of a difficult time lately,” she says. “So hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come.”

Source: UPI

Photo Credit: Getty

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