Teen Receives Over $8M In College Scholarship Offers

A Memphis high school student receives over $8-million in college scholarship offers. When it came time for Whitehaven High School senior Xzorion Harris to decide what college he wanted to attend, he wanted to have lots of options. So he applied to more than a few schools. A lot of schools in fact. When it was all said and done, Harris received scholarship offers from more than 100 schools and the offers add up to over $8-million!

Akita Banger Gray, Harris’ English teacher, says she’s not surprised by all the offers. “For most of our students, it’s the expectation, so it’s not surprising,” she says. “When you go as far as Xzorion has gone, it’s mind-blowing.” The teen’s scholarship total is the fifth highest in the school’s history, the highest this year and the highest ever for a male student. This year, students from the school received a total of over $50-million in scholarship offers and Harris is just one of 46 students to be offered over $1-million.

When asked if he has any advice for students hoping to reach his level of achievement, Harris says, “Being dedicated, you have to not only do it, but do it at the best you can do and be the best that you can be. Put in your full effort into whatever you’re doing.” And as far as which school Harris is planning on attending, he says, “I chose Tuskegee University because it’s an HBCU and they have a good engineering program.” No matter where he goes, Harris is determined to succeed.

Source: 11Alive

Photo Credit: Getty

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