Date Night Turns Into Rescue Mission To Save Submerged Driver

An Indiana man out on a date risks his own safety to save a stranger from an overturned vehicle partially submerged in a pond. Branden Delk and his fiancée were heading home from a date night when he noticed a pickup truck on its side, partially submerged in a retention pond off the side of the highway. When he saw that the vehicle’s headlights were still on, he realized the accident must have just happened and no one was there to help yet.

Delk pulled over to see if anyone needed help and realized the driver was still inside the vehicle. Unconcerned about his nice suit or his own safety, he waded out into the water and climbed on top of the overturned vehicle. He attempted to break the window, but was unsuccessful. Then a police officer arrived and using the officer’s baton, Delk was able to break the truck’s rear window. Unable to get the driver out, Delk broke the windshield and unlocked the door. Then he and the officer pulled the man out of the vehicle.

Although Delk was disappointed that so many people passed the overturned vehicle by, not wanting to help the driver, he’s glad that everything worked out ok and that the driver was safe and not seriously injured. And even though he may have ruined his suit and shoes, he doesn’t have any regrets.

Source: My FOX8

Photo Credit: Getty

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