A Missing Teen With Autism Found Safe After Three Years

Missing autistic teen reunited with his family after vanishing three years ago. On April 9th, a concerned citizen reported to police in Park City, Utah, that there was a young man sleeping outside a gas station. Summit County Sheriff’s deputies responded and offered to let the man sit in their cruiser to warm up.

To find out more about the young man, deputies took his fingerprints and discovered he was Connerjack Oswalt, an autistic teenager who’d disappeared from his home in Clearlake, California, in 2019, when he was 16. The sheriffs contacted Oswalt’s family and his step-father, Gerald Flint, drove to Park City to pick up the teen.

After verifying that it was Connerjack, Gerald called his wife, Suzanne Flint, who was overjoyed about finding out her son was alive and well. She says she never gave up hope that her baby would return home. It was an emotional moment for everyone involved. “Everybody in that room was a parent. How could you not be that emotional?” says Sheriff Justin Martinez. “What the sheriffs did is incredible,” says Connerjack’s grateful mother. “It was like winning a billion dollars.”

Source: Inside Edition

Photo Credit: Getty

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