Store Owner Helps Man Avoid Losing $12K In Grandparent Scam

A UPS store owner steps in to prevent an elderly customer from getting scammed out of $12-thousand. Clyde Blount, 92, was in the UPS store in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, trying to send out a package and store owner Julie Osborne could tell that something was off. "I could tell that there was more in the envelope than just documents,” Osborne recalls. “It looked like cash."

Blount was persistent, saying the package needed to go out as soon as possible, but Osborne kept pushing back until she got the whole story. It turns out, Blount had received a call from someone claiming to be his grandson and that he’d been in an accident and needed money right away. Osborne immediately recognized the call as a “grandparent scam” and helped Blount get in contact with his grandson, who was relieved that the store owner intervened.

The Blount family is grateful for Osborne helping their grandfather avoid getting scammed. "Knowing that there's people like Julie out here who are standing up for the vulnerable, I love it," says Jeremy Blount.

Source: WGAL

Photo Credit: Getty

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