Paws Of War Reunites Soldier With Dog That Comforted Troops Overseas

A homeless dog that comforted U.S. troops overseas is being transported to the U.S. to be adopted by one of those soldiers. Kelsey is an Army Sergeant and while he was serving in Kosovo last year, he and his fellow soldiers became friendly with a stray dog that wandered onto their base. The dog, who they named Duke, would show up daily and was a welcome distraction for the soldiers.

Kelsey became particularly fond of Duke and New York-based charity Paws of War promised Kelsey they could help him bring Duke back to the U.S.. But then Duke stopped showing up and the soldiers assumed the worst. They searched for the pup and when they found him, he’d been shot and was in pretty bad shape.

Paws of War’s overseas partner The Alamal Foundation patched Duke up and fostered him for six months until he was healthy enough to make the trip overseas. And then Kelsey received the good news: Duke was rehabilitated and ready to make the journey. It’s expected that Duke and Kelsey will be reunited later this month. “The entire Army unit is so excited that Duke is coming home,” says Kelsey. “This is the moment we’ve prayed for.”

Source: Good News Network

Photo Credit: Getty

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