“Hero” 10-Year-Old Saves Family From House Fire

A ten-year-old Mississippi boy is being hailed a hero for saving his family from a house fire. Early one morning last week, ten-year-old Bailey Doyle saw smoke inside his family’s Oxford, Mississippi, home. Bailey knew exactly what to do and alerted his grandparents, telling them to get out of the house. He then went and woke his parents up and they all escaped the house before the smoke alarm had even gone off.

Bailey says he knew just what to do because firefighters had come to his school and taught them. Casey Henderson with the Lafayette County Fire Department says this is exactly why they try to educate school kids in the community. “We teach these things and love to see them implemented in situations like this,” he says.

And now Bailey’s being praised for remaining calm and acting quickly, but he’s just glad he was in the right place at the right time. “A lot of people have been saying I am the hero,” he says. “I am just glad everyone was able to get out of the house.”

Source: WECT

Photo Credit: Getty

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