Texas Boy's Lemonade Stand Raises Money For Ukrainian Children

A ten-year-old Texas boy has raised thousands for children in Ukraine with his lemonade stand. Mac Connatser was watching the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine with his father and decided he wanted to do something to help the children of Ukraine. Mac told his dad he wanted to start a lemonade stand to raise money for Ukrainian kids.

With his parents’ blessing, Mac set up his lemonade stand at his grandmother’s church in Dallas on a recent Sunday. Things went really well at the stand that day. His customers gave generously and when he’d served up his last glass, he’d raised nearly $2-thousand. But Mac wasn’t done, he created a GoFundMe page to continue raising funds and as of March 24th, it has raised almost $9-thousand.

The organization Mac has chosen to give the money he’s raised to is the charity Save The Children, which provides emergency aid to children in conflict zones. When asked what he might say to other kids who want to do something to help Ukrainians, Mac says, "I would say to them, if your heart pulls you, then either set up a lemonade stand like I do, or just donate $20 or $100 to a place that would help Ukrainian children, or Ukrainians in general, because every single cent counts."

Source: Inside Edition

Photo Credit: Getty

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