Second Graders Use Creativity To Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

A group of second graders from a Virginia elementary school are using their creativity to help shelter pets get adopted. Kensey Jones’ second grade class at St. Michael’s Episcopal School in Richmond, Virginia, was working on a persuasive writing project and chose to use their work to do some real good in the world.

The students drew pictures of pets waiting to be adopted at Richmond Animal Care & Control and wrote a few sentences below the pics — from the perspective of the animal — saying why they should be adopted. The stories were then hung outside of each of the kennels at the shelter to try to motivate any potential adoptive pet-parents into taking the animals home.

The second-graders produced 24 stories for dogs at the shelter, plus one story for a cat. They focused their efforts on helping older animals, animals who’d been at the shelter for the longest time, and animals who needed “some extra help” finding homes. Jones says the stories led to eight animals being adopted right after the stories were hung up. “I hope it’s something other shelters in the country will do to market their shelter animals,” says Jones.

Source: NY Post

Photo Credit: Getty

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