Connecticut Police Departments Donate Gear To Help Ukraine

Police departments across Connecticut are donating protective gear to help Ukraine. Earlier this week, over 200 pieces of protective equipment donated by several police departments across Fairfield County, Connecticut, were shipped to help defense forces fighting against the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

The effort, spearheaded by the Fairfield Police Department, took in donations of used bullet proof vests and helmets from 12 departments across the county. Law enforcement industry standards in the US require that the gear be replaced every few years, but the equipment is still in usable shape and can help protect defense forces in Ukraine.

The donations will go to the Ukrainian American Coordination Council and then be sent to organizations approved by the US State Department and Department of Defense to be distributed to hotspots across Ukraine. Fairfield Police Chief Robert Kalamaras hopes the donation will help give the Ukrainians a fighting chance. “As police officers, we’re out on the road every day, trying to keep everybody safe, they’re over there trying to keep their land safe and their families safe, so there’s a lot of parallels there,” Chief Kalamaras says. “The hope is they go over there and they’re used for a good cause and they protect lives.”

Source: WFSB

Photo Credit: Getty

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