A "Miracle" Dad Defies Odds To Walk Again!

A Connecticut dad defies the odds and learns to walk again after a car crash leaves him partially paralyzed. In 2017, Jason Bedford was in a car accident that left him with multiple fractures and a paralyzed left leg. While recovering in the hospital, he was told that he should get used to using a wheelchair, but rather than be discouraged by his situation, he defied all expectations and worked to regain his mobility so he could be an active dad to his daughter.

Through physical therapy and outpatient rehab at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare under the care of physical therapist Andrew McIsaac, Bedford eventually regained his ability to walk. “Things started to take off,” McIsaac says. “Suddenly he was doing some walking, not using crutches anymore.”

But Bedford didn’t just regain his physical abilities, the accident was a turning point for him and changed his life in multiple ways. In recovery, he had to overcome a dependence on painkillers, which led to him working directly with others suffering from substance abuse. He then returned to school to get his master’s degree in clinical psychology. And although he has a long way to go to fully recover, Bedford says he’s thriving, even picking up a new hobby: riding horses with his daughter.

Source: WTNH

Photo Credit: Getty

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