Restaurant Manager Donates Kidney To Save A Customer’s Life

A manager of a Texas bar-b-que restaurant donated her kidney to save the life of one of her customers.Sophia Parrish prides herself on her customer service. As the manager of a location of Bill Miller Bar-B-Que in San Antonio, Texas, she takes the time to get to know her customers. That’s how she came to meet Cecilia Canizanes.

Parrish asked Canizanes one day why she only had a little water with her meal and Canizanes told her about her advanced kidney disease. The two developed a friendship, with Parrish coming to consider Canizanes like family. So when Canizanes had to go on dialysis, Parrish wanted to see what she could do to help. “I do anything and everything to help out anybody. And if I’m able to help somebody, then I will,” says Parrish. “And that’s what I did. And I said, ‘the least I can do is at least see if I’m a match.’”

To her surprise, Parrish was a match. So after discussing it with her family, she decided to donate her kidney to save her friend. Both women are recovering after the successful transplant. They’re sharing their story now in the hope that it will inspire others to become living donors. “It’s in our nature to help people, because if you can’t help people, then why are we here?,” says Parrish. “You know, we need to help each other as much as possible.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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