Strangers Rescue Dog In Distress In Mountains

A group of strangers came together to rescue a dog in distress near hiking trails on the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cynthia Klaila was hiking when she heard the dog’s cries and then spotted the big, fluffy white dog at the bottom of a ravine. She says the dog was shaking, panting and lying on her side and she ran to help her.

Klaila tried to call 911, but the calls wouldn’t go through, and then the dog’s owner arrived carrying a bucket and jugs of water. He didn’t speak English and she doesn’t speak Spanish and neither could lift the 80 to 100 pound dog. So she set off on the trail to find help and came across Jason Bousilman, a marathoner who joined in the effort. He carried the dog back up to the trail and along the way, a couple stopped to help as well.

Bousilman ended up carrying the dog over his shoulders most of the way. When they got her back to her owner’s truck, the dog gave him a big, wet kiss. He says, "A group of strangers coming together to save the dog of someone they didn't know and who didn't speak English was exactly the bit of humanity I needed to be a part of this week.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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