Cafe Receives $40K From Anonymous Donor To Say In Business!

A restaurant in Naples, Florida may have been closing its doors for good, but a caring customer is making sure that doesn’t happen. Bill’s Cafe owner Bill Salley says he’s been able to stay in business during the pandemic thanks to a generous regular customer, who wants to remain anonymous.

The last day before lockdown orders forced them to close, Bill says the man approached him and told him he’d like to talk. He handed Bill two envelopes, one for him, one for his staff, with a “nice chunk of money” inside. And as if that cash wasn’t nice enough, a week later, he called with another offer - for the cafe to make 100 sandwiches a day for the Naples Community Hospital. The man paid full price for the sandwiches to be delivered five days a week for eight straight weeks, so hospital workers could eat for free.

"It literally saved my cafe," Bill says. "It was so nice and kind of him."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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