Waiter Treated To Big Tip!

No one likes to work on a holiday, but one Las Vegas server was given an awesome surprise during his shift on Memorial Day. Armando Garcia has been a waiter at Los Cucos Mexican Cafe for over a decade and he’s never received a tip as big as he did that day.

He was waiting on two men, who he says he’s seen in the restaurant before. When they left, Garcia realized they’d left him a huge tip: $2-thousand on a $64 bill. At first he thought it might have been a mistake, but then he saw the note they left at the bottom of the receipt. It read, “Stay safe, thank you for your great service. Hope this helps. Love, the Lopez Brothers.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” Garcia says. “It’s been a relief, I’m just thankful for it.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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