A Couple Married 70 Years Reunites After Months Apart

After 70 years of marriage, Walter and Jean Willard are nearly inseparable, but coronavirus restrictions kept them apart for months. The couple have just been reunited and were so happy to be together again, they couldn’t stop kissing each other.

Last year, 89-year-old Jean fell and broke her pelvis and started showing signs of dementia. She moved into the Eddy Memorial Geriatric Center in Troy, New York, just around the corner from the couple’s home. Walter, 91, would spend most of the day visiting her there, until the nursing home had to restrict visitors because of the coronavirus. But when the couple’s daughters reached out to the director of their mom’s facility asking for an exception because they feared one of their parents might die without seeing the other, he agreed to let Walter come back.

When Walter came to visit again, Jean said, “Oh honey, I’m so happy to see you!” They hugged and kissed and couldn’t stop embracing. And the best part? The couple is now sharing a room at the nursing home and don’t have to be apart again.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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