Here's How To Stay Motivated To Work Out When The Weather Turns Cold

Now that fall is here and the days cooler...and are shorter (time change is next weekend), lots of people move their workouts inside. But some of us have a hard time getting motivated to hit the gym when we could just stay in our comfy PJs on the couch and binge-watch out favorite shows. Even though we know exercise can help keep our mood elevated and energy levels up during the darkest months of the year, it’s hard for us to just do it.

If you need a little help staying motivated when the weather turns cold, these ideas can help:

  • Keep your workout at home- Don’t want to leave the comfort of your cozy house because it’s rainy or freezing outside? Then don’t. Skip the gym and workout at home using your own body weight with exercises like squats, pushups, and burpees.
  • Try a new activity- Winter is the ideal time to try that new martial arts, rock climbing or boxing class you’ve been considering.
  • Get your friends to join in- Instead of meeting for drinks or dinner, get your friend to meet you for a sweat sesh instead. You’ll still get to catch up and you’ll feel much more accomplished having exercised together than if you split a pizza and a bottle of wine.
  • Put those holiday treats to work- If you finished off the rest of the candy for trick-or-treaters, don’t beat yourself up, just think of it as fuel for your workout. You’ll need extra calories to build strength and muscle, so let the treats help.

Source:Mind Body Green