Best Post-Baby Workouts

Carrying a baby for nine months and going through labor to bring that baby into the world can wreak havoc on our bodies. But women are machines and when they’re ready to get back into exercise after that baby is born, it’s important to do it comfortably and safely. New moms will need the okay from their doctor before working out post-childbirth, but even then, it’s not advised to jump back into the normal fitness routine they had beforehand. And when they’re ready, experts say these are the best ways to get active after birth.

  • Swimming- It’s a great workout for getting your heart and lungs going without putting too much pressure on joints and swimming is gentle enough that it won’t strain your body too much after giving birth.
  • Yoga- Not only does it encourage relaxation, yoga also helps strengthen core muscles and there are even classes you can do with your baby.
  • Pilates- It’s one of the most effective exercises to do after having a baby because Pilates targets the muscles that tend to weaken during pregnancy.
  • Gentle weight training- When you’re ready to tone up muscles and get your core stronger, light weight training is great, but only after your doctor says it’s safe. Just start with low weights and gradually work your way back to where you were before having a baby.
  • Light cardio- Brisk walking is a gentle, effective way to stay fit postpartum and so are classes like cycling, Zumba, or dance that really get your heart rate up.
  • Daily pelvic floor exercises- These are important to strengthening the muscles you’ve strained during pregnancy and childbirth. Women who’ve had a baby have probably heard all about these and been advised to do multiple sets of pelvic floor exercises every day.

Source:Harper's Bazaar

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