UCONN's Paige Buecker continues to break barriers

UCONN'S Paige Buecker led her team to the Final Four. And as a freshman no less! She stood tall (no basketball pun intended), played hard and became the face of the team. She further broke barriers when she won the AP Player of the Year award, the first freshman woman to do it, EVER! Now granted the UCONN Huskies didn't make it to the championship game, but Paige is still breaking records. She is the recipient of the John R. Wooden award, honoring college basketball's most outstanding player. AGAIN, the first freshman woman to do it! Obviously Paige will be a top WNBA prospect but won't be able to declare for the draft until she's 22 years old. She's only 19 now so thankfully, we UCONN fans have a few more years to watch her play and rule! CONGRATS PAIGE!!!