Adopt us! Bonded Brother & Sister Kittens looking for a safe home!

“My first language was shy." ~ Al Pacino

Piper and Rutherford are a bonded pair of 8 month old cattens (halfway between cat and kitten). Piper is the sleek torbie, with piercing green eyes. Rutherford is the fuzzier orange and white guy, with a spectacular fluffy tail. They are gorgeous. Piper and Rutherford will not show well on adoption day. They are nervous in new surroundings and with new people. They will most likely huddle together in the back of their condo, relying on each other for comfort. You see, their first language was shy.

Piper and Rutherford were born to a feral mom in Hartford. They were rescued when they were a few months old. Initially it was thought that Rutherford was also feral, so when he was neutered, his ear was tipped as part of the TNR process. However, within the first few days it became evident that Rutherford wasn't feral, he was just very afraid as he had never been around people before. Piper never appeared feral, but she was skittish. Both cattens are very shy with new people (quarantine time has not been helpful with getting to meet new friends).

But shy is NOT their only language. Rutherford quickly decided that he really likes people and has been very social and affectionate ever since. Piper was a sweetheart from the start. Once she knows you, Piper is easy to handle, likes being held. and loves to purr. While Rutherford is an active cuddler (likes to climb all over you), Piper is quieter and calmer. She will come up and rub against your feet and settle in when you pick her up. They both like treats, but the true way to their hearts is through play. Their favorite toy is a mouse on a string and they also love fuzzy mice they can carry around in their mouths and they have a turbo scratcher toy that they play with a lot.

Piper and Rutherford will definitely need to be kept in one room for a week or so, if not longer, until they become comfortable. They have their own room at the foster home and have been going on adventures in the rest of the house, but are used to a smaller environment for the most part. Once they are used to their new room and family, they should have no problem acclimating to the entire home. Piper is a bit more adventurous with exploring new spaces and other animals, while Rutherford is the first to introduce himself and become comfortable with people. They have both been great with other cats and dogs in the foster home.

Piper and Rutherford will be an excellent addition to any person or family who understands "shy" and can help translate when they are introduced to new people and new situations. If you think you are that person, please contact to ask about an adoption appointment. They will likely not show well during this appointment. But rest assured, their first language might be shy, but they are now eloquent in communicating in the language of love, cuddles and play.

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