Meet Buddy! A Sweet, Loving and Kind Boy Looking to Find a Forever Home!

Everyone needs a buddy in their life. A buddy that can listen to your problems, share their excitement and also be a couch buddy for the Netflix binge watchers. Life is better when you have a buddy to share it with. The search is over once you meet our charming guy Buddy. You will want to scope him up, hug him and hold him in your heart. Buddy is a very sweet, loving and kind boy looking to find a forever home. He is a rat terrier mix at around 40 pounds and is approximately 5 years old. He loves human attention and will gladly accept all he can get. It's really a win/win because everyone he meets will want to give him attention and he will enjoy every moment of it. His charming personality is what makes kids and other dogs eager to be his friend. He has not had the opportunity to meet a cat so it is unknown how he would be with them. Buddy is not a mover and a shaker by nature. He is a laid back boy with low energy so he would rather watch life as a spectator.

Even though he is a low key boy, daily exercise is beneficial mentally and physically. The added bonus is that Buddy is a pro at leash walking. He enjoys neighborhood walks and will also sit down (without prompting) and patiently wait while his human is chatting with neighbors. What a smart boy! After going for a walk, Buddy will always enjoy rubs and getting treats. He will do pretty much anything for a treat. He does know some basic commands and with his love of treats, he will gladly learn more. Buddy will need some more training to learn his crate manners. A patient and commitment owner can help him learn to adapt. Buddy is a superstar with his house training. He has learned the skill and is ready to show his new family. Although Buddy is house trained, it is important to remember that accidents can occur while he is adjusting to a new home environment. With all his great qualities, Buddy is an ideal canine companion that will bring lots of love to his forever family. Will you be the answer to his dreams?

The fee for adoption is $450. This includes spay/neuter, vaccinations and transport fees. Interested in adopting Buddy? To get the ball rolling head over to our Adoption Application and submit your application today. A Dog Star representative will contact you within 24 hours. To help speed up the process, please call your vet and give them permission to speak with us. If you do not get a response within 24 hours of submitting your application, please check your spam folder.

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