Renee's Pet Picks: Meet HONEY!!! She has been waiting 2 years for YOU!!!

Renee's Pet Picks: Meet HONEY!!! She has been waiting 2 years for YOU!!!

Meriden Animal Control-Saving Paws

October 6 at 8:10 PM·


We wish this day didn’t come, but it has.💔

Today is Honey’s 2 YEAR anniversary living in the shelter.

While our hearts love her, our hearts break for her. This is all she has known for two years.

2 years. 730 days. 17,520 hours.

The same routine every day. Feeding, cleaning and a short playtime or walk if there’s even time or if the weather cooperates. Sometimes on slow days she gets to hangout in the office, or she’ll get some extra time outside. Some days she doesn’t leave her kennel at all. It’s not our worker’s faults, they have jobs to do and other animals to care for. Our wonderful Saving Paws members spoil her with special treats, a comfy bed and lots of toys. But it isn’t enough and it isn’t fair. She doesn’t deserve to stay in our shelter any longer, she hasn’t done anything wrong! But we will keep her, take care of her and love her for as long as she needs to find the right home.

🍯Honey, Honey-Bun, Honey Bunches of Love, Hunka-Chunka, Sweetheart, Good-girl.

She has earned many nicknames and none of them are negative. She is by far one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had come through these doors. She doesn’t care if you don’t have a big, fenced in yard. She doesn’t care if you’re not a jogger or if you work long hours. She’ll nap while you’re working, all she cares about is being out of the shelter and knowing you’ll come home to her each day! She’s a laid back, low energy girl, who would make the perfect addition to just about ANY family!

🌟She is great walking on a leash, great for baths, and is fine with being dressed up! She loves toys, belly rubs and cuddling. She’ll plop her big booty right into your lap and give you kisses.

Clearly she needs to lose some weight, which she will, with the right amount of daily exercise.

She is on a low calorie, weight management food, which has helped her lose a few pounds, but it doesn’t do much when she’s stuck laying down all day, every day.

✨Honey is GREAT with ALL people. She loves people, loves attention, loves affection. She is a big, goofy girl who because of that, would probably knock down your little kids, so any kids in the home need to be at least 8 years old.

Honey will go after your kitties and is too rough for little dogs.

She has been fine with calm, male dogs, but cannot be trusted around them and high value treats/toys. (No bones or treats containing food) Everyone says they can handle it and will be responsible until a dog fight happens. That is the last thing we want. We do not want to set her up for failure! Her being adopted and returned would be detrimental to her mental health. And it would break our hearts too.

We would PREFER, she stay the ONLY PET in her home.

Although, we would be willing to work with the right person to send her home with another dog. They would need to be experienced and dedicated to training and re-socializing her with other dogs.

👵🏼Honey was guesstimated to be around 7.5-8 years old when she came in, so she could now be anywhere between 9 & 12. We’re leaning towards the younger size, because she is still SO playful and is doing well health wise (knock on wood) Though she is technically now considered a senior!

We treated her for Heartworm Disease, she is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.

Her adoption fee is $5.00, though she is worth so much more than that!

❣️We could go on and on about what a wonderful dog she is, but what we really need is for someone to take a chance on her. Come meet her, fall in love and take her home. Please.

❗️Adoption applications can be found on our website(, or feel free to stop by the office and pick one up (311 Murdock Ave)

Inquiries, please send us an email to

Good with kids -✔️(8 yrs +)

Good with cats -❌Absolutely Not!

Good with dogs -❓no small dogs; good with calm, males her size, though we PREFER she be the ONLY PET, as she has issues with sharing.

Please share, this wonderful girl is so desperate and deserving of a loving home

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