Runaway June Shares Meaning Behind 'Blue Roses'

Runaway Junes long-awaited debut album, ‘Blue Roses’ is here!

The trio, make up of Jennifer Wayne, Hannah Mulholland, and Naomi Cooke joined Cody Alan in the studio just ahead of the album release to dig a little deeper into their ‘Blue Roses’ album, which features a track on the record with the same title.

“Blue Roses don’t grow in the wild,” shared Naomi Cook.” So, the definition of a blue rose is kind of like the unobtainable, the mysterious, it takes multiple things to create. So it was kind of metaphoric for our record.”

Naomi also shared that the album features a very special song on the record, also titled “Blue Roses.”

“I wrote this song with my brother in my heart, and he was killed in a car accident a few years ago,” shared Naomi. “Every time that we would play this song on stage, I was playing this song for him. It became pretty difficult for me to perform. We actually stopped playing it for a while cause I would cry on stage. But, I learned really quickly when I would look out to the crowd and see a lot of other people having the same reaction as I was.”

“I was like, you know what, ‘That’s what my job is.’ That’s the beauty of music. It brings everyone together. It invokes emotion, and everyone here has lost someone that they love.”

The female powerhouse trio has been touring with Carrie Underwood on the ‘Cry Pretty 360 Tour,’ which will pick back up in September. ‘Blue Roses’ features “Buy My Own Drinks,” as well as their cover of Dwight Yoakam’s hit, “Fast As You.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images.