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My NH Lakes Region Eating/Entertaining Tips - Drinks In WATERMELONS

This summer Bank of NH Pavilion has a lot of great shows. Some that we aren't going to be getting in MA or CT. Now my fam has had a lake house up on Winnisquam (the smaller lake next to Winnipesaukee) since I was in High School so I def have some spots to share if you intend on going up at all this summer for a show or maybe a week off.

My favorite places to eat...

#1 The Lobster Connection - this spot has the best seafood and is right over the bridge over Winnisquam in Tilton. They have some outdoor seating available and if you go during the day and cross the bridge you can see where all the boats dock on the sand bar. If you rent a boat on Winnisquam you're gonna want to dock there and make some friends.

#2 The Ellacoya Barn & Grille - lots of dining options with indoor and outdoor seating. It's very close to the Bank of NH Pavilion too if you want to get dinner here first. Some great views on the way up too of Lake Winnipesaukee.

#3 Town Docks in Meredith - good food and you can drink out of a watermelon or pineapple. This is my fave spot ;-)

As for entertainment... if you are outdoorsy get your but on the mountains! Lots of great hiking trails. This weekend I intend to finally do Mount Major. Download the All Trails app and you can find plenty of trails for whatever your level.

Gunstock Mountain is a cool spot with zip lines, mountain coasters, lots of hiking and biking trails... and if you're into off roading you can take Broncos out on the trails. Gunstock

Tiki Huts - Much like pedal taverns you can find in Nashville you can take huts out with your friends and drink on Lake Winnie. I'm taking my first one out 4th of July weekend with friends. Book ahead!

And of course you can walk around the Weirs Beach area and check out an arcade and the Mount Washington Lake Boat. You can cruise around on the big boat or take one of the smaller ones for a dinner cruise and tour of the Lake. History is cool ;-)

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