Ashley Judd Sits With GMA - What She Says Is So Important

Ashley Judd sat down with Diane Sawyer on GMA this morning and talked about her mother Naomi Judd. She talked about what made Naomi so amazing as a person. How she would go daily to the local Cheesecake Factory and report all the details of the staff back to her daughter so much so that they were like a part of their family. And of course she also talked about details of what went on the day Naomi died knowing that if they didn't it would come out anyway because of their profile.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and what Ashley explains early on in this sit down is what that type of depression can do to a person. Talking about it can help people not only realize they aren't alone, but can also help people better understand what a person who is suffering from this disease is going through.

Ashley says that one must be able to make the distinction between the person they love and mental illness. Mental illness lies. It's savage. And can cause a person so much pain because of the lies that the disease can tell you that their brain physically hurts.

Having gone through my own mental health issues in the past I remember trying to explain to a friend what it felt like at the time and Ashely in this sit down just explains it perfectly.

Prayers to the Judds and their family as they grieve and heal. And remember if you or someone you know is struggling there are resources that offer confidential/free/emotional support. When we talk more about mental health issues we are helping to break a stigma and helping more people in the process.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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