Watch Jimmie Allen's Vibrant TV Debut Of High-Energy Anthem 'Be Alright'

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Jimmie Allen treated viewers to a vibrant TV debut of his latest single, “be alright,” one of 17 tracks he released on Tulip Drive over the summer: “Let me tell you now/ When you're feeling broken down/ You just gotta let it ride/ It'll be alright/ Smoke it and roll with it/ Sip it and flow with it/ Wheels on the road with it/ Lay back and go with it/Sometimes you'rе high with it/ Sometimes you're low with it/ But it'll bе alright.”

Allen’s Tulip Drivenamed after the street his grandmother lived on in Delaware, also included “down home,” “settle on back,” “pesos” featuring CeeLo Green and T-Pain, “on my way” with Jennifer Lopez, “broken hearted” with Katie Ohh and other highlights throughout the track list. He celebrated the project’s release with an exclusive iHeartCountry Album Release Party, performing some of the Tulip Drive songs and other career-spanning anthems. Between performances, Allen fielded a few questions in Q&A segments from iHeartRadio’s Brooke Taylor.

The award-winning, genre-blending superstar is also known for “Freedom Was A Highway” with Brad Paisley, “Make Me Want To” and “Best Shot,” to name a few. Allen recently wrote in a caption on Instagram: “This is the summer of feeling free knowing no matter what life throws at you it will BE ALRIGHT!! Enjoy Summer 2023 🤙🏽”

Watch Allen perform “be alright” on The Late Late Show with James Corden here:

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