Old Dominion's Matthew Ramsey Gives Health Update After ATV Crash

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Matthew Ramsey shared a health update after announcing that he’d been hurt in an ATV accident. The Old Dominion lead vocalist’s post was inspired by one of the band’s biggest hit songs, “No Hard Feelings,” from the 2021 project Time, Tequila & Therapy.

“There was no hard feelings/ And no bad vibes/ I can honestly say/ I’m happy to see the happy back in your eyes/ You found somebody/ Who painted your grey skies blue/ Do I wish it was me? Hell yeah/ Am I all the way over the pain? Not yet/ But the sun keeps coming up, baby/ And I'm still breathing/ And there's no hard feelings”

Ramsey’s update on Thursday (March 30) starts with a snippet from the song’s music video, capturing the line: “am I all the way over the pain?” that’s when the clip cuts to a view of Ramsey, shaking his head as he replies, “not yet.”

“I’m afraid I have some disappointing news. I was in an ATV accident that has left my pelvis fractured in three places,” Ramsey wrote in a statement on Tuesday (March 28) as Old Dominion pushed back upcoming performances. “The good news is it’s gonna heal just fine. The bad news is I’m gonna have to stay home and recover for a little while. I know we all had plans to sing and dance together in Key West. I was looking forward to that so much! We will make it up to you! I promise we’ll keep you updated on my recovery and any other shows that might be affected. This tour has been such a blast so far this year and before you know it I’ll be back out there with No Bad Vibes! Love you all.”

Old Dominion shared the postponed dates and info for ticket holders at that time. The band is currently on their headlining “No Bad Vibes Tour” with Frank RayKassi AshtonGreylan James, Steven Lee Olsen and Shawn Austin on select dates.

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