This Is The Best Burrito In Connecticut

Cropped Hands Holding Burritos At Restaurant

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A Norwalk restaurant is being credited for having the best burrito in Connecticut.

Eat This, Not That compiled a list of the best burritos in every state which included Rincon Tacqueria as the top choice for Connecticut.

"Measuring eight inches, the burrito at Rincon Tacqueria is as massive as it is delicious," Eat This, Not That's Caitlin Flynn wrote. "One reviewer who favors the steak burrito described it as 'some of the most complex and satisfying flavors you've ever had. Rice, beans, cheese, meat, etc. And I swear the flavors are something you'd expect from a 5-star restaurant.'"

Here is Eat This, Not That's full list of the best burritos in every state:

  1. Alabama- Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck
  2. Alaska- El Green-Go's
  3. Arizona- PHX Burrito House
  4. Arkansas- Mug's Cafe
  5. California- Al & Bea's Mexican Food
  6. Colorado- La Loma
  7. Connecticut- Rincon Tacqueria
  8. Delaware- El Diablo Burritos
  9. Florida- My Ceviche
  10. Georgia- El Burrito
  11. Hawaii- Shaka Tacoz
  12. Idaho- Morenita's Mexican Restaurant & Bakery
  13. Illinois- Maize Mexican Grill
  14. Indiana- Ricky's Taqueria
  15. Iowa- El Rey Burritos
  16. Kansas- Taqueria Los Burritos
  17. Kentucky- New Wave Burritos
  18. Louisiana- Juan's Flying Burrito
  19. Maine- El El Frijoles
  20. Maryland- Tacos Tolteca
  21. Massachusetts- Chilacates
  22. Michigan- Jaku Sushi and Grill
  23. Minnesota- Catrina's Cerveza & Mexican Grill
  24. Mississippi- Burrito Zone & Tamales
  25. Missouri- Mariachis II Mexican Restaurant
  26. Montana- El Vaquero Taqueria
  27. Nebraska- Burrito House
  28. Nevada- El Steak Burrito
  29. New Hampshire- California Burritos
  30. New Jersey- Chanos Latin Kitchen
  31. New Mexico- The Shed
  32. New York- Frijolito's
  33. North Carolina- Mountain Burrito
  34. North Dakota- El Paricutin Mexican Food
  35. Ohio- Mi Burrito Mexican Grill
  36. Oklahoma- Burrito Grill
  37. Oregon- Tienda Santa Cruz
  38. Pennsylvania- El Limon
  39. Rhode Island- Chilango's
  40. South Carolina- Java Burrito Company
  41. South Dakota- Tortilleria Hernandez
  42. Tennessee- Baja Burrito
  43. Texas- Taqueria El Crucero
  44. Utah- Red Iguana 1 & 2
  45. Vermont- Mojo Cafe
  46. Virginia- Tacos Mexico
  47. Washington- Pita's Taqueria
  48. West Virginia- Black Bear Burritos
  49. Wisconsin- Cafe Corazon
  50. Wyoming- Michael's Tacos

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