[SPONSORED] Save 15% Off All Syman Says Farms Products And Goat Snuggles!

Syman Says Farms offers it all – premium health care products, quality condiments, entertainment and education on the farm, therapeutic goat snuggle sessions, and so much more!

Syman Says Farms in Salem, CT is a 100% family owned and operated farm. They offer the opportunity for visitors to relax, recharge, and release stress through 60 minute restorative and therapeutic goat snuggle sessions!

“Come for the Goats, Stay for the Family!” Rain or shine, you can snuggle your stress away then stop into the Syman Says Farms' Farm Store to treat yourself with a variety of goat milk products that the same goats help to make possible.

Use code SYMANSAVES for 15% off all products and goat snuggle sessions all throughout the month of July!

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