Tenille Townes Teases Her Latest Work & It's Emotional Already

Photo: Getty Images

Tenille Townes seems to shine a light on a nostalgic lesson as she offers a sneak peek of the music she’s been working on lately. The singer-songwriter shared a brief clip of the reflective, unreleased song on TikTok, asking fans what they think of it as she sings: “You don’t know that it’s the last time until it is.”

Townes’ social media followers gushed that they love it already, and some even predicted that the full track would make them cry. Townes’ latest release is Masquerades, her 7-track EP that followed her debut full-length album that released in 2020, The Lemonade Stand. Masquerades included collaborations with Wrabel and BRELAND, along with Townes’ solo work.

The EP was a project that marked “the beginning of a new chapter of music” for Townes. She said, in part, when she released the highly-anticipated EP earlier this year: “I really do think that we are beautiful complexities underneath everything we hide behind. Setting down my masquerade over the past little while has been liberating, terrifying, disorienting, and empowering all at the same time. … Couldn’t be more excited for our new frontier together. 🖤🤍”

Listen to the latest song Townes has been working on here:

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