Toddler Calls Cops, Scales Gate For Help For Unconscious Mom

A toddler in the U.K. remained calm and knew how to get help for his mom when she had a medical emergency. Kayleigh Boffey, 33, fell down the stairs and hit her head, knocking her unconscious. Her three-year-old son, Thomas, was home with her at the time and he managed to call 999, their version of 911, to send help.

“Mommy’s fell upstairs,” Thomas told the dispatcher. He also climbed over his baby gate to find the house keys and let paramedics in when they arrived. It turns out, the tot knew the number to call thanks to an animated show he watches and it helped save his mom. Kayleigh was taken to the hospital where she was treated for knee, ankle, shoulder and hip injuries and her fall was caused by a preexisting hernia and enlarged spleen, which was so painful, it knocked her off balance.

“He’s like a mini superhero, especially for his age,” the proud mom says of her young son. “It’s amazing he knew what to do and he understood and didn’t get scared.” She adds that she wants to share their story so people realize how important it is to teach kids what to do in an emergency.

Source: Newsbreak

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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