“Hero” Nine-Year-Old Saves Family From Carbon Monoxide Leak

A little girl in Massachusetts is being hailed as a hero for saving her family from carbon monoxide poisoning. When storms hit Brockton, Massachusetts, last week, many homes lost power, including nine-year-old Jayline Barbosa Brandao’s.They were using a portable generator to power their home and thought it was placed in a safe area. So when Jayline’s mother began not feeling well, she didn’t think much of it. Then she lost consciousness.

“I heard my dad screaming and saying my mom passed out,” Jayline recalls. With her mother unconscious and her father incapacitated by the odorless gas, the quick-thinking fourth-grader sprang into action, unlocking her dad’s phone with his face and calling 911.

First responders arrived just in time as carbon monoxide levels in the home had reached fatal levels. Had Jayline not acted when she did, things would have been much more grim. Recovering in the hospital, Jayline’s mother credits her daughter with saving her life, “I wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t in the house.”

Source:Boston 25 News

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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