Good News: Church Building New Home For Vietnam Vet In Need

Members from a Tennessee church are working to improve the life of their fellow parishioner, a Vietnam veteran in need. Bill Hughes, a member of Luminary Methodist Church in Ten Mile, Tennessee, is spearheading efforts to help out his friend, Virgil. The community loves Virgil, so it pained them to see the Marine Corps veteran living in such deplorable conditions.

The shack that Virgil calls home is practically unlivable, full of debris, with holes in the roof and no running water. His only source of income is his Social Security check, so he can’t afford to make the needed improvements to his decaying house. He comes to the church to take his showers a couple of times a week," says Hughes.

So the church members got together and pledged to help Virgil. They’ve dubbed their new group Love In Action and Virgil’s plight is just their first project. They plan to build him a new tiny home before the weather turns cold. They’ve started a GoFundMe drive to help raise money for the effort and have raised over $15-thousand of their $60-thousand goal so far. "No one should have to live like that. No one,” says Hughes. “Especially a human being that God created, and he's a Marine Corp veteran in the United States of America."


Photo Credit: Getty

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