Firefighter Adopts Dog He Saved From Blaze

A firefighter in Iowa adopted the dog he helped save from an apartment fire. In September, Des Moines firefighters responded to a fire and as they worked to put out the flames, they discovered a 16-month-old Mastiff and rescued him from the burning apartment. The dog was in distress and needed to be given oxygen.

Local animal control agents informed the owner of the dog that he would need to either undergo expensive treatments for his injuries or would need to be euthanized. The owner of the Mastiff made the difficult decision to have the dog put down.

Malcolm Cortner, a firefighter who helped rescue the dog from the building, stepped in to offer to adopt the Mastiff and foot the bill for the medical treatments. The owner consented and Cortner took the dog home with him. The Mastiff has now fully recovered from its injuries. Cortner named him George and he's happy and healthy, adjusting to life with his new family.


Photo Credit: Getty

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