Good Samaritan Saves Elderly Man From Being Hit By A Train

A good Samaritan saved an elderly man from getting hit by an oncoming train when his car got stuck on the railroad tracks. Lewis Medina was driving in the car with his daughter in a rural area west of Chicago when he saw a car stuck on the train tracks. “As we crossed the tracks down the road, I noticed a vehicle on the tracks spinning its wheels,” he says. “I told 911, ‘I think he might be drunk.'” When Medina went to investigate, he found a 72-year-old man behind the wheel of the car and it was clear the man wasn’t drunk, but was having a medical emergency.

But then things got worse for the driver. “I looked to my right, and all of a sudden, now I see a train coming,” Medina says. “I said, ‘We don’t have no more time to wait. We got to get you out now,’ and he’s not moving.” So Medina pulled the man out and safely away from the vehicle with just seconds to spare. “As soon as I got him at the bottom of the hill, the train smashed the car,” Medina recalls.

The train obliterated the stranger’s car — leaving it in a twisted mess — but because of Medina’s quick actions, he was safe. Medina later learned the man had been released from the hospital andhewas told that he was in diabetic shock when the incident occured. When asked why he stopped that night to help the driver, Medina says “I would think anybody would.” And then asked if he’d do it again Medina doesn't hesitate saying, “Absolutely. No question.”

Source:CBS News

Photo Credit: Getty

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